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A tattoo design platform using AR to help model designs on yourself, get feedback and find artists

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I’ve found a direct competitor to this idea: InkHunter ( I’m going to continue research to understand any proposition gaps that may exist. Input welcome! Thanks

Why would people use your idea?

Many people who are considering a new tattoo are worried about the reality of the design, and with it being an irreversible decision this can cause some anxiety. This idea can be used by all new tattoo recipients to ensure no bad decisions are made. Artists benefit from the platform by being able to inpat into designs that suit their interests and skillset

How is your idea able to become a reality?

This could be built initially as a web-app styled for mobile, but would work best as an iOS or Android native app. It would leverage smartphone camera and image projection software to create the projected images.

It would require a commenting capability and potentially direct messaging, as well as the ability to manage agreements and settle payments on the app after completion of work.

How will your idea make money?

We could take a % commission on all payments settled via the app. We could also act as an advertising service for top artists, who pay a fee to be featured and promoted on the site.