The Tattoo Design Community

A tattoo design platform using AR to help model designs on yourself, get feedback and find artists

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I’ve found a direct competitor to this idea: InkHunter ( I’m going to continue research to understand any proposition gaps that may exist. Input welcome! Thanks

A tattoo is for life. It's incredibly important to ensure you're 100% happy with any design you're getting inked onto your body. However, constant back and forth between artists and customers via email or through F2F consultations is arduous and inefficient, and provides a one dimensional opinion space. The Tattoo Design Community brings together an AR modelling tool, crowdsourced design opinion and a competing community of artists to allow customers to hone the perfect design with inputs from real artists, and book sessions with artists excited to do the work.

- User creates a design using design tooling, or imports an existing design
- User is able to model the design on their own body using AI driven AR and their mobile camera
- User can get feedback from other users and from artists
- User can book work with the artists they like the most