Help us end food and fuel poverty

Education, tools and crucially interest free loans for the financially vulnerable and disadvantaged

FinTech Sustainability

This idea is ripened!


Special Announcement

Our pilot is live in the Isle of Man through our subsidiary The Interest Free Loans Company Ltd trading as

Why would people use your idea?

17 m people collectively owe £50bn in non mortgage debt. Right now they are struggling to pay their bills and have to choose between eating or heating. We will offer small interest free loans towards utilities, food, clothing, household repairs and white goods. We give no cash loans but pay retailers directly.

How is your idea able to become a reality?

We are trying to raise £1m towards building the tech, marketing, legal, and an FCA licence.
We need to raise £60k before end of 2022 for our pilot in the Isle of Man

How will your idea make money?

We charge a fee to the retailers, banking partners, white good manufacturers and home repairers