Detect changes in your loved ones' tone of voice

AI app to help me detect changes in my friend and family's mood based on their texting sentiment.


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Have you ever been texting someone and thought that something might be 'off' about the way they're interacting with you? You may have even asked them what's bothering them, and their reply is usually 'nothing' or 'don't worry'.

Well I find it really difficult not to worry, especially about my loved ones. And I also have a tendency to overthink a lot too, especially when the communication is via text messaging instead of face to face where you can pick up on the signals more easily.

This app analyses historical conversations and sentiment based on a person's average mood and detects when their messages are deviating from this average in either a positive or negative direction. This can help to provide me with real-time quantitative data about their mood, rather than relying on my own opinions. And then I can use this data to help me be a more supportive friend, cousin, brother, father and more!