Tool for inventors to validate app ideas and connect with collaborators and investors to launch it.

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to ripen the idea

Special Announcement

We are launching the ripen MVP to the public today!

Why would people use your idea?

From our research, we identified 3 customer pain points that we aim to solve for with ripen:

1) Limited access to guidance - “I was clear on the ‘what’ of my idea but I needed support for the ‘how’.”

2) Fragmentation of existing support - “It would be useful to have everything in one place when I have a new idea to validate.“

3) High socio-economic barriers - “Finding start-up capital has been our key challenge and being female has presented us with a disadvantage over male counterparts.“

How is your idea able to become a reality?

The ripen MVP allows inventors to post ideas on the platform which the tribe then validates through comments and voting.

The MVP will be expanded for new paid-for premium features. MVP+ will also feature updates based on MVP user testing.

Users with validated ideas will be able to purchase services from ‘collaborators’ through ripen to actually build their idea.

Successfully ripened ideas will be able to receive investment from the tribe in return for equity in their future business.

How will your idea make money?

As we develop our ecosystem, we’ll open up multiple revenue streams. Initially, we’ll be at the ‘pre-revenue’ stage and any money we make will be through sponsorship of our podcast and newsletter.

As we expand our functionality, we’ll charge users a small fee to access premium features which they can use to enhance the richness and reach of their ideas.

Finally, once we’ve built the collaborator and investor modules, we’ll take a commission of each transaction on the platform.