Stay close with my social circle

Stay connected with your close circle and receive reminders to check in + celebrate key life events.

Assistive Technology

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As I grow older, my social circle gets bigger and I struggle to maintain the same quality of relationship that I had before. I also find that through life, it's hard to know who your real friends truly are and this can sometimes become blurry as you spend more time with other people in your immediate environment such as a colleagues. What I've learnt is that time is often not the most appropriate metric to determine the quality of a friendship, but rather values such as trust, reliance and kindness.

This app is very simply a tool that helps you categorise your friendships - inner circle, outer circle and acquaintances. You can then integrate with social media to identify important information such as birthdays and create custom notifications to remind you to check-in with the most important people in your life on a day-to-day basis. If it's been over a month since you last caught up with your best friend, the app can send you a reminder so you can always stay connected with your loved ones, especially during difficult times like COVID-19.