FoodFinder (in progress)

Being able to pick exactly what you want without having to survey restaurants menus tirelessly.

Fitness & Health Food

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Sometimes I have a certain craving for a particular food, but I also like to be healthy. I’ve been a “gym rat” for a bit of time now, and I love it when I can find a new place that not only has something enjoy to eat, but also fits my diet and nutrition goals as well. But sometimes I find those in weird places, such as a food truck, or Red Robin, places you would not normally see as being a “healthy” choice, but a menu item or two has exactly the kind of stuff you’re looking for. This app or service would be used to calculate macros amongst restaurants near you, regardless of where it’s from to help you determine whether or not it’s suitable, as well as being able to find something delicious at the same time. Whether it be an obscure item from Arbys, to a steak at Claim Jumper, or a salad from laughing Planet, being able to find something to help you enjoy food while still meeting your goals has never been easier.