Tool for inventors to validate app ideas and connect with collaborators and investors to launch it.

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Special Announcement

We are launching the ripen MVP to the public today!

Lots of people want to start a business, but very few actually do – in 2021, two thirds of people in the UK wanted to start a company, but less than 0.1% did. Of the people that do start, less than 10% go on to become successful.

Our idea called ‘ripen’ is a platform for app inventors to validate new tech ideas with potential customers before they’ve invested any money into building it. Once they’ve proven there’s demand for their product, we’ll introduce them to collaborators and investors to take their idea to the next level.

Through research, we also learnt that lots of founders experience some form of discrimination in the process. So that’s why we feel it’s important the identity of the inventors should remain completely anonymous. Anyway, why should that matter when they’ve got a great idea, right?