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    Post your idea on the ripen platform, where the tribe will validate the concept through descriptive voting and helpful comments.

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    Update as you learn!

    Update your idea as you learn from the tribe, perfecting it as you receive constructive feedback from the community.

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    Your idea is ripe!

    Once you reach 30 upvotes, your idea is ripened! Your idea has been tested and proven to be a good one.

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    Connect with others!

    Connect with Collaborators and Investors who will help you bring your validated idea to life (COMING SOON).

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    Get rewarded!

    Earn bananacoins by helping to ripen other people's ideas!

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Tool for inventors to validate app ideas and connect with collaborators and investors to launch it.

Blockchain Design & Innovation FinTech

23 votes away from being ripened

Help us end food and fuel poverty

Education, tools and crucially interest free loans for the financially vulnerable and disadvantaged

SA Saqhib Ali
FinTech Sustainability

This idea is ripened!


A mobile app to securely manage all of your banking products and services in one place.

AI/ML Design & Innovation FinTech Sustainability

21 votes away from being ripened

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ripen your idea to reveal your identity

To make sure all ideas get a fair shot no matter who's behind them, new ideas are published anonymously. Once you reach 30 upvotes, your profile becomes available on your idea page for the whole tribe to see.

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What are bananacoins?

Bananacoins are how we reward you for all of your great work! For every vote or comment, you'll earn bananacoins that you can then spend on posting new ideas, or accessing premium features to boost your idea!

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How collaborators can help

Discover the next best tech ideas and connect with collaborators for freelance opportunities.

  • Early access to the latest tech trends and ideas
  • Build your brand within our tribe of like-minded innovators
  • Get paid to deliver your services in cash or equity
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What's in it for Investors?

Get access to a pipeline of newly validated tech ideas with visibility of real-time user feedback.

  • Invest in opportunities before they reach the mass market
  • Shape the early-stage product roadmap for your investments
  • Help provide a launchpad for new, upcoming entrepreneurs
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